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Hi, I’m Jessica and I am a Physician Assistant who has spent her career working with those who suffer from chronic joint pain. I have worked in the Orthopedic surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Over the years I have become very frustrated with the current medical system and how I help patients. Patients are equally frustrated and feel that medical professionals do not listen to them and quickly hand them a prescription for a test, medicine, physical therapy, or a referral to see someone else.

The one option I found to help my patients was to provide information on their condition, exercise, and nutrition that was easy to understand. I do this currently just through conversation.

However, this wasn’t enough for me. I made the decision to become a health and fitness coach and work 1 on 1 with the types of people I see in my office. I guide my clients through a custom program that addresses mindset, nutrition, and exercise in a way that is practical and fits into everyday life. The end result? Less pain and more enjoyment of everyday life.

Decrease your pain.

Get back to living.

– Jessica Leavengood

Image of Jessica Leavengood P.A. and Personal Trainer
Image of mother, daughter & grandson

Choose To Live Again, Today

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