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Living With Less Pain

Every day is another day with pain in your joints. This can mean taking medications that don’t seem to help and struggling to get through your daily tasks. This could also lead to feeling frustrated, lonely, and incapable of the simplest tasks. But you keep going every day!

What if you could work with someone who truly understand what you are feeling and sympathize with you? What if this person could help you have less pain and live a happier more active life?


Lack of Energy

Pain that limits your ability to play with kids or grandkids

Fear you won't be able to travel or go to events because of the pain


Connecting with others

The ability to feel good playing with your kids or grandkids

Traveling and attending events without fear because you can control your pain


Freedom From Pain

A 1:1 with Jessica, working on your mindset, nutrition, and exercise in order to decrease the pain you experience on a daily basis and find more enjoyment in life. All parts of the mindset, nutrition, and exercise are customized to you and what your pain and daily life is like. This is not a cookie cutter program.


Each individual is different, and each client will have a different journey, but the end result is the same: Less pain and a happier more active life.


Duration: 12 weeks

Get Back to Moving
Get Back to Your Life

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